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8/8/21 UPDATE:

We have some amazing news to share.... Chanel Hines is being released in early October!! The family would like to thank you for each and every share, each and every prayer and all of those who raised their voices for Chanel’s rights and the rights of Black, Trans folks all over the world. We wouldn’t be here if not for you standing with us.

More details soon to come!!


3/13/21 UPDATE:


Chanel has undergone surgery on the eye that was blinded during the shooting in November. She has regained some sight but her vision is still blurred. Drs are hopeful that over the course of the next two weeks, her vision will continue to improve as she heals. Send prayers, light and love her way for a full recovery and return to 20/20 vision!!

3/1/21 UPDATE:

Chanel was approved by the warden for both her eye and double breast reconstruction surgeries. The family was able to raise about a $1,000 and pay the $5,000 needed to pay for the family pay portion of the surgery. They want to thank the community so much for their contribution. If you are interested in helping to further recoup those funds, feel free to use the ways listed below. They will not be informed about when the surgery will take place until after the fact but the jail and hospital has come to a mutually agreed upon decision about how the surgery will happen and where the Sheriffs will be permitted to stand during surgery. When the family is informed that Chanel has made it through surgery successfully, we will update the community here. Thank you so much for the love, well wishes and support. #JusticeForChanel forever

2/11/21 Press Conference

2/10/21 UPDATE:

Chanel is being prepared this week for eye surgery to hopefully repair some of the damage done to her eye in the shooting. The family hasn’t been told when or where the surgery will take place per DOC protocol but she has completed pre-op so that indicates it will be soon.

Send Chanel and her family love & light through this and keep those cards & letters of encouragement coming!!!

12/10/20 UPDATE:

Chanel has been moved from the Upstate medical prison facility that she was being held at to Ontario County Jail. The medically required brace she was directed to wear by Drs in order to heal properly has been taken from her because there was a piece of metal inside of it that kept her wrist from bending. She must keep her wrist straight or risks loosing use of her hand permanently. They have given her a brace that the facility allows but it does not isolate her wrist as needed to ensure full recovery.

Also, upon movement, each inmate is required to stay in quarantine for 14 days as part of COVID precautions. The previous facility was on an exposure quarantine for 2wks and she will now be required to complete another 2wks meaning she will have experienced nearly a month of isolation which is incredibly detrimental to anyone’s mental health.

The package her family sent to Wende Correctional Facility nearly 3wks ago was “lost” within the facility and never received by Chanel or returned to sender and the facility will not return calls regarding return or compensation.

Any mail directed to Chanel at Wende will most likely be returned or destroyed. Her new mailing address is:

Supreme Hines

3045 County Complex Dr.

Canandaigua, NY 14424-9505

Chanel’s Mother launched the

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Check back in for more updates about Chanel as they become available.

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