12/10/20 UPDATE:

Chanel has been moved from the Upstate medical prison facility that she was being held at to Ontario County Jail. The medically required brace she was directed to wear by Drs in order to heal properly has been taken from her because there was a piece of metal inside of it that kept her wrist from bending. She must keep her wrist straight or risks loosing use of her hand permanently. They have given her a brace that the facility allows but it does not isolate her wrist as needed to ensure full recovery.

Also, upon movement, each inmate is required to stay in quarantine for 14 days as part of COVID precautions. The previous facility was on an exposure quarantine for 2wks and she will now be required to complete another 2wks meaning she will have experienced nearly a month of isolation which is incredibly detrimental to anyone’s mental health.

The package her family sent to Wende Correctional Facility nearly 3wks ago was “lost” within the facility and never received by Chanel or returned to sender and the facility will not return calls regarding return or compensation.

Any mail directed to Chanel at Wende will most likely be returned or destroyed. Her new mailing address is:

Supreme Hines

3045 County Complex Dr.

Canandaigua, NY 14424-9505

Chanel’s Mother launched the

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Check back in for more updates about Chanel as they become available.

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