Established in 2018, Next Generation Men of Transition  (NGMT18) sought to establish an active support system, provide visibility, and create a community for men throughout their transitions. The organization, now followed by Men of Transition worldwide, hosts group meetings in Rochester, NY, as well as online via Zoom. NGMT participates in panels and forums to discuss being men of  transition. NGMT continues to provide support and visibility platforms for minority men of transition as we chose survival in order to live our authentic lives.

"When I created NGMT18; I vowed to bring

visibility to Men of Transition. Especially Black Men of Transition. I didn't know many Men of Transition prior to actually physically transitioning; in the being i felt alone and misunderstood by those closet to me. I longed to have a safe space and resources and networking with and for "us". After searching and a lot of soul searching i stepped out to create that space for myself and other Men of Transition- Brittan