Brittan Hardgers founded Next Generation Men of Transition, a resource, advocacy and support organization for men of the Trans experience in 2018.  

Since then, Hardgers has supported Trans Masculine,Trans Feminine & Non Binary folx nationwide while bringing visibility to those who share his experience through advocacy, activism and education both locally and across the US. 

Hardgers was awarded the Community Leadership Award by Rochester Black Pride in 2018, the Blaque/OUT TDOR Trans Visibility Award in 2022, he has acted as keynote and host to the Rochester Trans Day of Remembrance Observances 2019-2021 and hosts annual Trans Day of Visibility events in Rochester, NY. He has been featured in the Trans-Awareness and Trans-Affirming Barber sections of the Empty Closet Magazine, writes the TRAN/S/ column in Blaque/OUT Magazine and has been featured on countless television and radio appearances. Brittan has provided educational workshops and lectures for Emory University, Rochester Public Defender's Office, Liberating Black Voices, Geva Theater, Windstream Communications, University of Rochester, moderated TDOR 2021 Panel with 3rd Presbyterian Church, Black History Keynote Speaker 2022 for Spiritus Christi Church  and many more. In addition to his other accomplishments, Hardgers ran for Rochester City Council as the first ever openly Trans candidate for office in Rochester, New York in 2021.  Brittan is also featured in the 2022 Rochester Memorial Art Gallery Exhibit “Up Against The Wall: Art, Activism, and AIDS Poster”, as well as ROC SRJ Community Leadership Spotlight Collective. Hardgers  is a current board member of the Greater Rochester LGBTQ+ Political Caucus, he continues to sit with multiple local agencies, support channels, and progressive movements in order to advocate for All BIPOC/QTPOC & LGBTQ+ folks. 

In 2022, Brittan published the “Uniquely Made By You” Inspirational Affirmation Journal available at

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“. In these years of rebirth I have had to shadow so many new obstacles as well as old ones. I had to walk away from my marriage, my family, my friends and home for a while during this time. After everything I endured I truly believed I knew myself; I believed I knew all the methods to survival. I had to go back to the beginning of time and remember the 1st time I truly knew who I was and accept that I wasn’t different. I didn’t have to define my existence with that kind of terminology. That I was human and able to love and accept myself before ever asking another soul or requiring them to accept someone I was afraid to be. Learning to love yourself from the inside out and truly shine and represent who you are. To let go of broken memories and the stigma we have put on ourselves. To forgive others who have altered and shaped our minds to question who we stand for within ourselves. To believe past no shadow of a doubt that your story matters and can impact and bring forth change.”