On July 31st 2020,  In Rochester, NY one of our very own was brutally attacked and assulted for "being to gay". This attack resulted in our sibling Samson Tequir (pronouns-they/them he/his) needing titanium plates inserted to repair a broken eye- socket and multiple fractures to their cheekbone. Samson is proud to live their authentic truth after fighting and battling their way through life. Samson is a well known and respected Black Lives Matter Organizer who fights, educates, and stands on Black Lives Matter. On July 31st, Samson walked to a nearby store to purchase beverages with their partner. While standing outside of the store; Samson was targeted by guys on the street. The guys yelled at Samson to get off of their corner with that gay (Shhhhtt); Samson was approched by these guys; physically attacked for being his true authentic self. We have to stand together for our trans/nonbinary siblings. We have to be the front line and protect our people. Please Stand With Us As We Fight For Justice. This case has been confirmed a HATE crime; the suspect has been arrested. We will stand together!!! We need more than a conviction!! We Need Change!
I have added Samson's personal cash app and venmo below. We know covid-19 has taken a toll on all of us; every dollar assists in helping our siblings get back on their feet. Samson will be out of work for some time; Let's stand together for our sibling.