Nathias Hamilton

Nate Hamilton
Nate Hamilton
Nate Hamilton


We were able to collect multiple letters of support on behalf of Mr. Hamilton in order to continue the fight for his temporary release to attend his mother's funeral services. 


 Brittan Hardgers of Next Generation Men of Transition (NGMT) and Tamara Leigh of BlaqueOUT received reports that a Black Transman from the Rochester community; who has been an active member of NGMT since it began, was missing.

Together we pooled resources to investigate the disappearance to confirm the young man’s safety. We eventually were able to learn he had been arrested while on a trip out of town to Maryland. He has been held there with no bail, no family in the area, and no access to his assigned Public Defender for twenty-two days. To compound the sadness and seriousness of the situation, his mother passed away early yesterday morning after a long battle with cancer here at home in Rochester. He had been her primary caregiver for nearly a decade. Members of NGMT have been in touch with the family, the Public Defender’s office, the Correctional Facility, Jail Chaplain and his unit Case Manager. As in most facilities, there is not adequate housing, medical care or mental health support available to him in the woman’s facility he is currently being housed in. Detention facilities are a significant medical, psychological and safety risk for members of the Trans experience. 

          As the family is consumed with grieving and laying their beloved mother to rest, NGMT has been given the blessing to travel to Maryland.  Members of NGMT will  be traveling tomorrow (3/12/22) to visit the individual in person, deliver a care package of gender affirming products and attend his court hearing (3/15/22) to hopefully assist the Public Defender in getting a release granted based on significant exigent circumstances. Any financial assistance you can provide to enable this trip, purchase his supplies and get help to our brother would be greatly appreciated. We are currently making direct requests to keep the information off of social media for privacy considerations, especially under the current circumstances of the family. 

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